Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pakistani Bridal Wear | Modern Bridal Lehngas

For today's blog article, the focus is on stylish and modern blue-green Pakistani bridal sarees and lehngas that we have come across recently. These are really beautiful Pakistani Bridal wear indeed. Also, featured is an inspiration board of blue-green colored accents that can be incorporated into your wedding to create a blue-green theme.

Hope you are amply inspired by blue-green today!

The designs featured in today's blog article is by Pakistani fashion designer Hina Arif.

Ms. Hina Arif introduced herself formally to the fashion world with opening of her boutique of High Fashion Pakistani Dresses ten years ago to customize with the taste of every woman.

Hina has launched her new collection of formal wear comprising sarees, lehangas and suits in her characteristic Pakistani style. Her emphasis is on the right combination of resplendent colors, floral embroidery and stunning styles. In her new ensemble, she has used a wide variety of fabrics, including silks, nets, cotton, tissues, organza, georgette and chiffon.

Her collection and other designs from magazines are available exclusively on internet.

Stylish and Modern Blue-Green Pakistani Bridal Wear

Shimmering Blue and Silver Pakistani Bridal Lehnga

Brilliant Blue and Gold Pakistani Bridal Lehnga

Dusky Blue-Green with Shimmering Gold Pakistani Bridal Dress

Bright Blue Pakistani Bridal Lehnga with Brilliant Red Dupatta

Light Blue and Maroon Pakistani Bridal Wear

Blue Green Wedding Inspiration Board

Blue Wedding Inspiration Board

Little Known Blue-Green Facts:

Blue is considered to be evoke feelings that are peaceful; blue also causes the body to produce calming chemicals, Green on the other hand symbolizes nature. It is considered an easy color on the eye. It is a calming, refreshing color. In the Middle Ages, brides would wear green to symbolize fertility.

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